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The generation change of hotel equipment has been started.

Our company deals with design, operation, maintenance and development of interactive hotel TV and hotel communication systems, as well as with installation, configuration and repair of information technological systems.

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By now our business has expanded to antenna systems, IPTV systems, background music equipment, alert systems, TV, radio and internet systems, interactive guestroom communication systems and networks between the front office and other departments (like reception, maintenance, housekeeping, room service, etc.).

The generation change of hotel equipment has been started.

LCD TV technology, IPTV, antenna systems, technical solutions offered by digital, satellite and radio wave systems and internet are integrated into hotel systems and guestrooms.

The members of the management of our company are experienced either in IT or hotel industry, that is why we are at service for our customers with technological, copyright, external trade, legal regulation, legal regulation observance and financial support.

Our technicians – our own staff, and the staff of our permanent suppliers, subcontractors as well – are qualified for technology, and finely experienced in designing and repairing IT systems.

Our company is in possession of liability insurance.


Soft-Elite Ltd. – as a company dealing with weak electric equipment – offers a product selection containing

  • a wide range of interactive displays and communication systems
  • IP telephone systems
  • structured networks
  • login systems
  • alarm and fire-alarm systems

Quality is through products of reputed multinational companies assured.

Interactive Hotel Information System  Created by Soft-Elite Ltd.

Interactive Hotel Information System
Created by Soft-Elite Ltd.

Accessory Units for Hotels

We offer a wide range of Samsung products. In our selection you can find a wide range of televisions, audio-video products, home cinema systems, MP3 player and iPod docks among other products.

Hotel Internet Systems

Our company offers internet packages with code card system or with connection through the Front Office.

The Front Office solution is simpler, but the code card system lets the marketing department of the hotel work out their own ideas easier. The hotel may add its own services, advertisements, gifts onto the card as well.

IPTV, DVB-C, DVB-T Antenna Systems

Our company grants HD-End-to-End digital television through LAN or Coaxial networks. Our system can be installed into new hotels and in already existing ones as well.

Interactive Hotel-Communication Systems

Our systems’ low operating costs are competitive in the current fierce competition and we are now ready to offer the best fitting solutions with the highest price/value ratio.

In our system all the SMART LED displays fit to the design of the hotel and they are also capable to provide all the basic hotel functions, as for example welcome messages, private messages, account view, banners or advertisements. In addition the system makes the assign operator be able to edit or refresh the information, displayed on LED screens of the rooms.

The system also allows the operator to create more, different channel packages (as for example family, sport, and adult). The combinations of channel packages are dependent on the source of the programs, which is why we recommend consultation about operation at the early period of the investments.

Pay TV channels

In addition to free TV channels we also offer PayTV extra packages in high quality and digital program information contents for the guests of the hotels (EPG or availability of language choice on multilanguage channels). This requires equipping a digital TV headend facility. The extra channels could be received at the inner system of the hotel through this headend station.

Digital Signage

Digital signage (Conference presenter) is our self-developed system and software, set to common hotel requirements. Its graphic interface enables the operator to fill the program with unique service data and use it as a timed display.

Hotel Televisions

Nowadays a hotel room is unimaginable without a television.

The Hotel Televisions are not only satisfy the demand of the guests, but also help the staff work more effectively. These products are different from their traditional versions with their wide range of offered services and modern design.

A the manufacturers of entertainment electronics need to have their televisions reach a high standard to make them work properly in a hotel room (frequent usage, bathroom location, mirror function).


With a wide range of interactive hotel systems we offer the following services

  • Designing and operating interactive systems
  • Designing and operating antenna systems
  • Ensuring cinema channels (PayTV) in 23 languages
  • Ensuring PayTV extra services
  • Selling royalties of TV channels
  • Internet access on interactive SMART LED displays
  • Internet access on Laptops (HSIA)
  • Accessing work networks through Internet
  • Installing Internet networks


We have developed a long term rental package to let you optimize Your financial investments.

This allows you to obtain our systems and equipment easier and more cost-effective.

Assessment of Systems and Networks

Soft-Elite Ltd. also deals with assessing existing networks. The assessment contains

  • Detailed monitoring of network traffic
  • Instrumental calibration of cable networks
  • Measurement of transport capacity (throughput) between two optional spots
  • Measurement of feedback time between two optional spots

Special network analyzer tools, instruments and software allow us to carry out these projects at a high standard and have all results are minuted.

On the basis of these results we are ready to make a proposal to optimize the network finely.

With this service of us, You can avoid expensive and unnecessary investments, since the spot and measure of necessary repair or development can be determined accurately.

System Service

Soft-Elite Ltd. sells only best quality, reliable products, having also a prepared repair center on standby. We assure our Clientele, that we support all of our Customers in and after the warranty period to enable them using their products optimally.

Our Hotline service assures our Customers, that we are at service with technical support, or with setting any of Their products (in Hungarian, English and German language).

Technikal Support:


Soft-Elite Ltd. emphasizes the demand of its Clientele and taking advantage of all the available tools effectively. 35 experts of our staff provide system installations, ensuring the quickest and smoothest join to hotel constructions and renovations.

Structured and Coaxial Network Design

Our staff consists of experts, having fine qualification and experience of designing and building networks.

Our proficiency in designing, constructing, installing and operating structured and coaxial networks of micro corporations, large enterprises and other institutions is proved by numerous references throughout the country.Our activity extends to needs assessment, design, installing servers, operating systems, user programs, configuration and training users.



maintenance and development of interactive hotel TV and hotel communication systems

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